Online gambling in Armenia will not be prohibited under quarantine

Despite the fact that the duration of the quarantine in Armenia, some types of business activities will be prohibited, restrictions do not affect the industry of online gambling.

 Tigran Avinyan Commandant and Vice-Prime Minister of Armenia, published the rules of doing business in the forced quarantine. Almost all types of business activities are subject to a ban, allowed to work only objects retail food trade, drugstores and markets, realizing agricultural products.

 Varos Simonyan, representative of the Ministry of Economy, shared details and provided some clarification on the operation of enterprises in the new regime.

 It should be noted that the measures proposed by the government of the country, in tune with the complex management decisions in other countries, particularly Georgia. For more on this – in a separate article.

 For example, a package of measures provides for cessation of work and entertainment facilities – cinemas, clubs, bars and pubs. In addition, sports activities will be moved, work stopped and terrestrial casinos.

 In this case, residents can freely access the services associated with the organization of funeral processions.

 Prohibited activities are listed on the official online platform agency. Since the list was created in 2013, a spokesman for the Finance Ministry does not rule out the possibility of adjustments.


 It is known that the country has decided that the activities of the cafe will not be limited. In addition, the online segment of the gaming industry will also operate normally. Refers to services related to the organization of gaming and lottery operations.

 Private companies can apply to the agency to clarify the rules for a particular type of activity.

 Finance Ministry spokesman also said that the rules are expected to be in effect until the end of the quarantine, but he did not rule out the possibility that they can be corrected before the end of the period.

 Recall that the Latvian authorities decided to shut down online gambling segment, but allowed to sell alcoholic beverages on the web. Read more about this – here.

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